Think about those months that money is a little tight for you and you need to decide whether you really can afford that vacation or a new pair of jeans. Now imagine if the decision was whether to pay rent or buy groceries for your family.

Last year, the average household income of families assisted by the Children’s Foundation’s Grants Program was $17,000. Those decisions are real and constant for many families in our community. These families include parents going through divorce with no support system, dealing with an illness or death in the family, the loss of job, teens living on their own and many other circumstances.

Whatever the family circumstance is that is limiting a child’s access to important childhood needs, we help provide consistency, ‘interventions” to help focus / re-focus lives, basic needs as well as things that are part of the joy of childhood. This is provided through our programs that provide financial assistance for sports, music and camp, student nutrition programs, scholarships and gifts and groceries for the Christmas season.

All of these programs work together to even the playing field for these kids and all are powered by our supporters and in a hugely by the funds raised by the Southern Ontario Amazing Race.

“I have had families say “so I can really sign them up [for sports]? I don’t have to pay it back?” I tell them “No, it’s all taken care of”. Families are in shock and tell me that this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for them.” – Frances Livingstone, Community Resource Centre Fergus

These experiences and success stories would not happen without SOAR. Each year SOAR helps more children have fun, be healthy and have hope for a brighter future. Thank you!