Jay and I have raced together in a number of adventure races that last 36, 48, or more hours over the years. We have bonded a great deal and have been through a lot of trials and tribulations throughout, from Jay wanting to punch me in the stomach, to Jay being the only thing helping to keep me going and based in reality. The Southern Ontario Amazing Race while not as physically taxing as a multi sport adventure race, was often more mentally taxing in that you had to be thinking strategy of which team was going to do what, and how to solve all those puzzles and problems. We had to work together and be on the same page more so than any other race. We had to laugh things off and go out of our way to be supportive of each other. In our first race together we were in first at the end of the first day, and early on in the second day we found ourselves in last. We could have been angry at each other, but through a positive outlook and team work, we ended up 6th that day.

In every race, we chose to be to be social for two reason, one we are social people, and two, it was way more fun. Some teams over the years, seemingly chose to be grumpy, but I noticed the ones that got the most out of it, were good natured, happy people who were looking for a great experience.

The only problem I have with SOAR is that it won’t let you race in it more than three times, and under special anniversary conditions four times. I feel so selfish saying that, but SOAR is such a high quality fun race that I feel no shame in saying I want more. I would race in this race with no prospects to win anything just to participate in the race. The memories and stories from this race are rich rewards themselves. More often than not I am recounting to my wife and pointing out that I did a challenge over there. We raced over in that park. This is where we got a ride from a guy with a rusty machete. This is where a woman gave us a ride who thought the devil sent us. So many memories and so many smiles. The prizing is unreal compared to any other race that I have been in. I have won a paddle here, a bag there, but never that amount of money in gift vouchers that you can win through SOAR.

My overall impression of SOAR is that it is a meticulously well planned out race by caring race directors whose numbers grow daily for an immensely important cause. At the end of the day, we as a racer get to have a wonderful 3 day experience all in the name of raising money for a great charity. I have never felt better about myself for having had so much fun!