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My name is Anna, and I’ve had the privilege of racing for four years with my amazing sister, Julia.

There have been so many fantastic moments and challenges in the race, I don’t think I can list just one! Some memorable challenges were rappelling down the side of a church tower, going for a ride in a plane searching for clues, singing a song from The Lion King on a stage in Old Quebec Street Mall, building a trebuchet and ball-launching toward Dundurn Castle, to name a few. My favourite memory was getting to know all the other racers and comparing stories together at the end of day one and two. Also, meeting so many incredible directors, volunteers and random people from different communities throughout the race, who helped us with driving, directions, and challenges.

Our two best fundraisers were a massive Yard Sale and an Online Auction. Our friends, family members and local businesses were so generous, contributing to our cause! It was amazing to see how much you can raise with a lot of small and less expensive items. It all adds up!

When it comes to suggestions for upcoming racers, start fundraising early and often! If you’re not from Guelph, take some time to study the map and learn the main roads, parks, and landmarks. It can help, especially when looking for the finish line! Hitchhiking is fun but challenging; a sign is helpful! Get two race shirts! You’ll appreciate a clean shirt on Day two. Take some time to get to know your fellow racers, it can be helpful along the race, and it makes it a lot more fun!

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