If you’ve never raced before, here is some insight from the racer’s perspective. In 2014, John & Amanda Stevens fought their way to first and loved every minute of it. Earlier this month, the couple reflected on their experience racing in SOAR and we thought it would be worth sharing.

Our SOAR experience has been amazing from the very beginning! Our first year racing was in 2012 when one of the early challenges was to pose nude in front of a professional artist –well, we didn’t have to pose in the nude, but we would have to wait 30 extra minutes and as Amanda said, “John, you take off your clothes right now!” With that out-of-your-comfort-zone challenge, it was pretty clear that this wasn’t an ordinary race; this was the real Amazing Race. After three years racing and a year volunteering, we have zip-lined between two apartment buildings, rappelled down the side of a church, flown in a helicopter looking for clues, eaten a variety of creepy crawlies, and solved countless diabolical puzzles to help us navigate across a whole host of towns throughout Southern Ontario. It says a lot about an event where we remember all those lasting experiences before highlighting an unforgettable trip to China after winning SOAR 2013!

We can’t think of another adventure race that’s better organized, more exciting or where racers can truly say they’ve had life-altering experiences (or one where the racers are fed better!). To be able to participate in such a unique event that also raises much-needed funds for local children is something we’ll always be grateful for and it says a lot about a community where a small handful of dedicated volunteers have single-handedly made this event a Guelph institution while raising over $700,000 since 2004. What an amazing race!


So now that you’ve heard John & Amanda’s experience, take the plunge and apply now for the 2016 Southern Ontario Amazing Race! Director’s have already started planning the race, so it’s sure to be another unforgettable event. Click here to learn more.