Apply Now for the 15th Annual Southern Ontario Amazing Race!

Save the date for June 1-3, 2018! Now is the time to reach out to your partner, friend or family member and ask them to race with you in the 15th Annual, Southern Ontario Amazing Race. 

Whether you just heard about the race or are part of our alumni, for our 15th year, everyone is welcome to apply! Race Directors have already started planning 2018’s race! In 2017, the race raised over $85,705 for the Children’s Foundation of Guelph Wellington. Since the race’s inception, in 2004, teams have raised over $900,000! We’ve extended the application deadline until February 18, 2018.

(Raced 0-3 Years)

We understand that fundraising can be challenging. Our suggested fundraising goal is $1,500 or more. For teams that are unable to reach the goal, will be challenged with an additional Speed Bump challenge, at some point during the Race. As an added bonus, if your team raises $3,000 or more, you automatically pre-qualify for SOAR 2019.

(Raced 3+ Years)

For 2018 we are inviting all past racers to apply. Since you know how the race works we are challenging you to raise at least $3,000. All funds raised, including the $3,000 will count toward your STOAR total and can be used to purchase STOAR tokens.

What an amazing first time racing experience! It’s fantastic how each year this dedicated group of volunteer directors are able to professionally produce such a challenging and thrilling race…linked to a thoroughly successful fundraising campaign!

Darryl Vaz – Past Racer

I must say that was an incredible experience. The team at the Southern Ontario Amazing Race put together a truly amazing adventure for all of us! We met one of the greatest group of volunteers you could have help motivating you through this tough challenge, recording our moves and making sure we kept going.

Ron Bauman – Past Racer

Best weekend of the year. The Directors work so hard to make everything run flawlessly each year!

Alex Heim – Past Racer/Volunteer

One of the best adventures I have ever participated in. It is fun, exciting, intense – simply an awesome time!

Dana Armstrong – Past Racer

The best weekend of your life so far.

Jenn Polfuss Faulds – Past Racer

We can’t think of another adventure race that’s better organized, more exciting or where racers can truly say they’ve had life-altering experiences (or one where the racers are fed better!).

John and Amanda Stevens – Past Race Winners

It is one of the best organized and meticulously thought out races I have experienced. The people are amazing. The food is amazing. The cause is amazing.

Michael Pinkney – Past Racer

The most physically and mentally challenging but highly rewarding experience.

Annie Patricia – Past Racer

Not ready to apply, just yet? Click here to learn more about the race.